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Gia's Journal

It seemed important at the time...

I write Buffy/Angel fanfiction, mostly of the NC-17 variety (read: smut). I'm also list-mom for a primarily B/A fanfiction recommendation list, Chosenfics.

About my mood icons
The 'Get Fuzzy' mood icons are by absolut; found through the get_fuzzy community.

About my icons...
Most of my icons are by my icon goddess, eleniangel.

Newest icons - the holiday ones - are by awmp and pinkdiamonds31.

I have icons from all of the following:
Dwayne Johnson Online, pinkyheather, somefairytale, sihaya09, theantijoss, ignited, megl42, trigger_the_gun, morganna3, wickedinsanity, kiaras_icons, mysquishy, flyergirl, purple_smurf, obsessedmuch, dawnydiesel, river_ofstars, and xagentstarling. See icon page for specific details on who made what.